About me

My name is Anne-Marie
I live in Haarlem, The Netherlands. After my master degree in Public Administration I worked in different companies for about 11 years. Since 2001 I have been working as  a self-employed management consultant and coach. If you want to find out  more about my professional background, please check my LinkedIn profile, although you need to be able to read Dutch.

My background in yoga and meditation
In 2006 I started practicing yoga, to help me deal with my very active mind, with the stress of everyday life and to keep me physically healthy. It has been an on and off relationship until 2011. Around that time yoga became a steady support in my life. In 2017 I have completed a 200 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Garden.
In 2006 I also started as a student of the Diamond Approach, a contemporary spiritual teaching. The meditation and self-exploration that are part of this practice have given me a much deeper -and still growing- understanding of all the activities of my mind and ego and who I am underneath and beyond all that.

What does yoga mean to me?
Maybe it sounds a bit woolly, but for me yoga is about connecting and reconnecting over and over again to a more essential place inside myself. I call that coming home inside of myself. Being home helps me to be present in a friendly, clear and truthful way with everything that goes on in my inner world and in the outside world. And it helps me to take right action.

Am I a yogi?
If I would have asked myself this question one year ago, the answer would have been ‘no’. Mainly because in the back of my mind I had a few misconceptions about being a yogi. First there was the idea that being an advanced practitioner was measured by my ability to do complicated poses and do them as if I had overcome gravity. The second was that I could only be a yogi by becoming a teacher and be part of a yoga tribe. The reality is that I cannot and I am not.
Only recently one of my well respected yoga teachers, Anat Geiger, has helped me to get rid of these misconceptions. So now I proudly call myself a yogi, as part of what and who I am.

Am I a Business Yogi?
I am not sure yet what it means to be a Business Yogi. I work in a professional environment. And I do practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis. I know that I do have a big longing to take the benefits of my practice off the mat into my professional life. But sometimes I experience a huge gap between the peacefulness of being on my yoga mat and the agitation when going to a business meeting. And there are occasions I can truly sense that yoga and business meetings are part of the same practice. This website is about exploring what it means to be a yogi in the professional world. To be a Business Yogi. Do you want to join me in these explorations?